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Light domes and skylights

All our products have been developed and manufactured to the latest latest technical standards and dependant on the model are tested to conform to DIN EN 12101-2. The light domes and skylights are manufactured to a variety of sizes. We offer thes items in the following materials – Acrylglass (PMMA), shock resistant Polycarbonate (PC) or insulating clear or opal glass. With our flexible module configuration we can provide tailor-made solutions for old and new buildings.

Our products meet the newest energy saving regulations and standards (EnEV) and achieve low U - values. From our comprehensive programme we can provide you with the best tailor-made offer for your project.

Cantilever and Ridge Roof Glazing

Cantilever and ridge roof glazing is constructed of shock resistant Polycarbonate (PC) or double or triple insulating glass, providing an architectural and high quality solution.

Window Post and Transom Construction

Window and post/transom construction for elegant facades with low heat loss coefficients as well as large format elements with double or triple glazing using insulating glass. Architectural and technical high quality solutions for building facades.

What makes our products special:

  • Thermally separated and insulated crowns in Polyester GFK or galvanized sheet metal, on request with coated surface and in heights between 15cm and 50cm. (Special sizes on request).
  • Roof exits and explosion flaps are also available.
  • Light domes also available as roof exits.
  • Can also be used in combination with natural ventilation and RWA systems.
  • Hail and fall safety (human) prevention dependant on model.
  • Individual colour selection for colour coatings.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Can be supplied with low heat penetration coefficients and U – values.
  • Low installation and purchase costs due to performance efficient module construction.

For further information on our extensive offer and product range please contact our expert and customer friendly staff.